Stocks And Securities

Our unique stands lies in immediate processing time along with compelling interest rates. And with no requirement of any other collateral except the investment securities acquiring finance for. At times of needing instant cash flow to invest in your business needs, we take you through our process of immediate funding on your securities without having to give up on your investment.

  • Equity Securities (Stocks)

  • Debt Securities (Bonds)

  • Derivative Securities

Securities are that which can be traded on an exchange. When your company is under financial stress, getting a loan from a bank would be an option. If so that debt has to be paid in the scheduled time and it can’t be traded. Whereas the bank could sell the loan to another company if needed.If you are a business needing money (financial capital) to expand, you can get a loan from a bank, that is one option. The bank then gives you a loan of, say, $1,000,000. You then will pay back the loan to the bank on schedule. This is a bank loan, and it can't be traded, although the bank might sell your loan to another bank if it wanted to. The capital markets raises money, after the process through an investment bank.