Corporate Insurance

We understand that Corporate insurance is by all means the most crucial part of the organisation and the most vital investment of the company, for protecting the organisation from any potential loss caused by the unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance including the theft, property damage, and the liabilities that follows also the coverage on business financial crisis and even for the medical claims of the employees of the organisation.

We do offer other several forms of liability protection for corporations including:

  • The policy would cover for the physical damage of the property both natural and other unpredictable situations

  • The risk of potential client or customer loss is covered if for any breach in the terms related to information, services and consulting

  • At times when consumer files a lawsuit against the organisation cause of injury or illness since the usage of the product, the policy offers coverage against the legal claims

  • An additional full coverage liability is being provided with Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy against the cost of claims when vital assets of the company are held in a lawsuit. At times when the cost of claims becomes unaffordable exceeding the business underlying primary insurance policy the umbrella policy assures to offer coverage so that the business owners out of pocket expenses.