Home Insurance

Our Home Insurance policy provides claim and coverage of the physical structure against the entire property and at times even to the property contents. There is a common misconception that a home insurance is only to be availed by the owners and not the tenants. But in reality our home insurance policy can also be adopted by the tenants for coverage on the contents of the properties. Thus a Comprehensive Home insurance policy is the need of the day for coverage against any eventualities.

  • Our home insurance policies provide policy buyers the option to purchase an insurance cover only for the structure/building or even for the belongings inside the house.

  • Our Home insurance policies also cover liabilities on any damage to the house and/or its contents cause of natural calamities, such as floods, fire, lightning, etc. or due to man-made reasons, such as theft, burglary, etc.

  • If not for an Comprehensive Home Insurance Policy the holder can also purchase a Fire Insurance policy from us to cover against fire and other accompanying damages. Although the degree of coverage offered by a comprehensive insurance plan is much greater.

  • A discount will also be offered by the us to the holder for choosing an insurance for the property and the contents.

  • As an addition, we also provide add-ons as Loss of Rent Cover, Temporary Resettlement Cover and more.